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Frequently Asked Questions

What's your return policy?
If you're unhappy with the sublime, hand-forged fruit of our souls for any reason, return it unworn and undamaged for a full refund within 30 days.
Who are you?
We are THINGMADE is Madwell.
How do you know what to make?
Born of a creative agency, we trade in ideas, which means tons of great ideas hit the cutting room floor. We wanted to hold hands and pick them up again. At the same time. As for how production-worthy ideas themselves are selected: it’s a pseudo-democratic process, but that’s all we can tell you. The rest is classified.
I have a winning idea. Can you guys make it for me?
The only way to join the THINGMADE design collective is to join the Madwell team. Click here to browse all open positions.
Can I suggest a FAQ?
You can. Email your question to, and we’ll feature it, and answer it, right here.*
How do I know my size?
The eternal e-question. Don’t fret: if you see something you like but you aren’t sure which size you take, send us your measurements (no nude photos, please) and we’ll help. If it doesn’t fit, you’re always welcome to return or exchange it.
Is there life after death?
Yes; after you die, everyone else generally gets on with their lives.
Can you send my THINGMADE thing as a gift?
We can. Your e-receipt will include instructions on how to add a personalized note or include a gift receipt so we don’t blow up your budgetary spot.
I don’t see my question here.
Could you please phrase that in the form of a question?
What is, I don’t see my question here.
Feel free to email us anytime, or write to us at 245 Boerum St., Brooklyn, NY 11206. We love mail.